Ideas for how to make the most of a small kitchen

It can be difficult to see the potential in a small kitchen space but with a few clever small kitchen design ideas you can create the kitchen of your dreams in even the smallest space.

Be it a galley kitchen or a small boxy space many of us have to make the most of a smaller space. With clever storage solutions and a few smart design features you can make every inch of space work to your advantage and create a kitchen which works for you in both form and function.

  1. Make the most of corners

Corner pantry unit

In many a kitchen the corners become lost space with pans tucked into a dark nook, difficult to reach and gathering dust, but with the use of a few clever design features you can make those corners some of the most valuable space in your kitchen. Opt for a carousel or LeMans corner unit to get access to every part of your cupboard easily, or for even more storage why not create a corner pantry. The Lansbury corner pantry makes the most of corner space, creating a floor-to-ceiling walk-in pantry in hidden behind your cabinet doors.

  1. Clear worktop space with a boiling water tap

Quooker boiling water tap

If worktop space is at a premium in your kitchen then reducing the number of items out on the countertop can regain you valuable space. Installing a boiling or steaming water tap will allow you to not only remove the need for a kettle but also give you access to instant boiling hot water, perfect for filling up a pan for tonight’s dinner or just making a quick cup of tea, and not only that but you’ll also save on your bills as these taps use less energy than their standard electric kettle counterparts.

  1. Use light colours

light grey handleless kitchen bristol

Creating space in your kitchen is as much about the visual as it is about the functional, using light colours helps make a space feel brighter and more open, making it feel larger. You can add in brighter colour with a rail in a handless kitchen or a bank of feature colour cabinets in a more classic space, but using a lighter base colour like white, grey or cream in your kitchen will bring the feeling of light and space that many small kitchens need. You can take this to the next level by using glossy features like a mirrored splashback or gloss cabinetry which will reflect light and give the illusion of the space continuing on.

  1. Go two-tone

Blue and white kitchen Bristol

As well as using light base tones you can also increase the visual space in your kitchen by making clever use of two tones. Using lighter cabinets on the wall which blend into your wall colour will remove visual clutter making the space feel more open. While using darker cabinets on the bottom give the illusion of depth, making the space feel larger.

  1. Go vertical with your storage

magnaspace pull out larder

If you can’t go out with your storage then why not go up? Using tall storage units like the MagnaSpace pull out larder or SpaceTower larder unit can make the most of extra headroom creating storage solutions that give you a huge amount of dry storage space with a tiny floor-space footprint.

  1. Get organised

drawer storage organiser

In a small kitchen you need to make the most of every bit of space and keeping your kitchen organised can go a long way to achieving a perfectly functional kitchen. The LineaPlus wide drawer units have customisable drawer inserts to split your drawers into sections, perfect for keeping your dry goods organised. You can also keep your floor space clutter free by integrating your bins into your cabinetry with the VelaBin system, all your bins including recycling and food waste can be hidden away in one single drawer with the added benefit of storage caddy space down the sides, perfect for washing up liquid, sponges or binbags.

  1. Build seating into your kitchen

banquette seating in green kitchen bristol

If you love to entertain but are limited on space then integrating a banquette seating bench into your kitchen can be an elegant solution. Not only adding seating to your space but also creating more storage by making the banquettes into storage boxes. Plus by removing chairs you reduce the amount of floorspace needed for your dining set up.

  1. Go handleless

Cream handleless kitchen bristol

In a small kitchen keeping the design as clean and clutter free as possible not only makes the space feel visually larger but also removes any hazards. By removing the handles in your kitchen you can at once make the space feel larger while also removing handles you might catch on while walking around your kitchen. Handleless kitchens are not only functional but with a range of rail options you can elevate your space with pops of colour.

Whatever space you are working with we can help you create a kitchen design that works for you. As one of the top independent kitchen designers in Bristol we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you through the process of creating your dream kitchen, no matter the size.

To start your journey to creating your ideal kitchen contact us today to make an appointment with one of our expert kitchen designers.