What cabinetry style is right for you?

When it comes to kitchen design there are so many styles to choose from, whether it’s the clean lines of a handleless kitchen or the classic styling of a shaker, each style has its own merits. As one of the leading companies offering kitchen design in Bristol we can help you find the perfect style for your space.

Handleless Kitchens

If simplicity and sleek style are your cup of tea then handleless kitchen styles may be ideal for you. As the name suggests handleless kitchens don’t have external handles, the opening is instead built into the cabinet door in the form of a rail, where the handle is recessed into the door edge. This gives the opportunity to either stick to a clean look, with the rail matching the door, or you can go for a contrasting look by making your rail a bright colour. A dark cabinet for example can look great with a gold rail peeking out.

Handleless kitchens can offer the opportunity to go bright with colour, where the simple and sleek styling can be a great canvas for bright colours or textured finishes. Equally a clean white finish can blend perfectly into a modern interior, bringing light and a feeling of space to smaller rooms. Completed with built-in appliances a handleless kitchen can bring the perfect modern touch to your Bristol kitchen.

Handleless kitchens are surprisingly versatile, working as well in a Clifton townhouse as in a modern Paintworks apartment. Although the slab style of handless kitchen is often the first that comes to mind, it is also possible to get handleless kitchens with shaker inspired styling, like the Melrose handleless kitchen, which has subtle shaker features built into the door to bring that classic elegance into a modern kitchen.

Traditional Shaker Kitchens

If you love a rustic feel in your home then a classic shaker is the way to go, think five-piece doors with an external frame on a central panel, complimented with decorative features like a v-joint or intricate details like beading around the edge of the frame. Perfectly suited to being paired with range cookers and Belfast style sinks.


Traditional shaker kitchens are ideal for complimenting a period property which makes them a particularly popular choice for many Bristol kitchens. Pair with wooden worktops for a truly farmhouse feel or bring a little brightness with a white quartz or marble worktop. Neutral colour palettes often work best in shaker kitchens, with soft greens, coastal blues and classic creams being amongst the most popular choices for shaker kitchens in Bristol.

Modern Shaker Kitchens

If you love the shaker style but don’t want the fuss of all the trimmings then a modern shaker style, like the Shelford range, may be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Modern shaker styles have all the charm and elegance of a classic shaker without the intricate detailing of more classic styles. Paired with integrated appliances and sleek handles these kitchens bridge the gap between modern sophistication and classic elegance.

Modern Slab Door Kitchens

If you want all the sleek styling of a handless kitchen but have your eye on some stylish handles then a slab kitchen offers the perfect compromise. These single piece doors are ideal for creating a skandi inspired kitchen, with functional design and clean simplicity. Despite the simple design, slab door kitchens offer a range of finishes to match your style, whether you prefer a matt, gloss or satin finish in a bright poppy colour or a softer neutral shade, or even a textured finish modern ranges like Sutton and Lumina offer a whole range of options.

Whether you are looking for the sleek styling of a handleless kitchen, the classic elegance of a shaker kitchen or the versatility of a modern slab kitchen, 102 kitchens offer one of the leading kitchen design services in Bristol and can help you find the perfect kitchen to suit your home, in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Visit our Bristol kitchen showroom at Unit 3, Enterprise Trade Centre, BS4 1UN or call us on 0117 202 0050 to book an appointment with one of our expert kitchen designers in our South Bristol kitchen showroom.