At 102 Kitchen Studio we are dedicated to providing a full kitchen design solution so as well as our large collection of cabinetry and appliances we also supply a wide variety of worktops. A worktop is one of the biggest choices to be made in a kitchen, covering every surface it needs to work with the style of the kitchen as a whole whilst also being practical and cost effective. With this in mind we supply a wide range of materials including Laminate, Solid Wood, Zenith, Corian, Granite and Quartz to accommodate every taste. Find out more about each of these materials here or contact us (link to contact us page) to speak to one of our expert designers.




Offering consistency and quality of colour and apperance a quartz worktop offers a durable and beautiful option for your kitchen worktops. Quarts is non-porus meaning that it is extremely resistant to staining, it is also very easy to clean and considered one of the most hygienic options on the market, perfect for a family kitchen. The durability, range of colours and textures; and cleanliness of this material make Quartz a popular choice for any style of kitchen.



Available in a range of colours and styles, Corian worktops offer a versatile option for your kitchen worktop. Corian worktops can be moulded to suit any shape of kitchen whilst offering a material with both strength and longevity. Corian worktops are non-porous, meaning that they are completely stain resistant. The surface also offers mould, mildew and bacteria resistance ensuring that your kitchen is hygienic and easy to clean. This high quality material maintains its texture and colour throughout the entirety of the material so it will always look as good as the day it was installed.



Perfect for modern kitchens, ultra-thin Zenith worktops offer a flexible design choice with the ability to cut into any shape. Made from layers of laminate this innovative worktop material is waterproof, heat resistant and stands up to the wear and tear of busy kitchens. Zenith also offers a range of colours and styles to suit any kind of kitchen.



Considered the best option for those on a tight budget, our laminate worktops offer a low maintenance and cost-efficient option for your new kitchen. You’ll also find that it is a particularly durable material, making it a practical and sensible option for those who are worried about scratches and damage. Laminate also comes in a wide variety of finishes from wood-effect to imitation stone.



Granite worktops continue to be one of the most popular choices in kitchen designs. Granite offers a timeless and individualistic look to any kitchen, with no two pieces of granite ever being the same it offers a distinctive look for a unique kitchen. Granite comes in over 20 shades meaning it can suit any style of kitchen. Granite also requires little maintenance with just a damp cloth and some detergent being enough to keep it looking good as new. With style, individuality and longevity, a granite worktop is an ideal choice for any style of kitchen.

Solid Wood

Our solid wood worktops are perfect for traditional kitchens adding warmth and a natural look to your kitchen. Solid wood is ideal as a kitchen worktop material due to the strength, durability, and natural antibacterial properties. Although solid wood requires more maintenance than most other worktops, it offers a range of benefits from timeless aesthetic qualities to easy repairs with wood filler for any damage.


102 Kitchen Studio has over 30 years experience in the kitchen and appliances marketplace, as such we have built relationships with every major appliance manufacturer in the UK. With the help of our expert designers you can choose from thousands of products to ensure that you have the perfect appliances to fit with your kitchen and needs. All our appliances come with delivery included and we can offer expert installation at a competitive price.

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